Better data. Less work.

Easily track cell growth, viability, motility, phenotype, and drug response, without leaving your desk. Highest performance is delivered by the perfect integration of the innovative, ultra-compact Cellwatcher into the cloud-based AI platform PHIOme.

Get continuous data, processed objectively and automatically, without any additional manual work steps. Benefit from higher quality of assays monitored inside the incubator, and find your publication-ready results online.

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PHIOme - Applications

Cell Proliferation
Cell proliferation plays an important role in cancer research and drug discovery. Real-time proliferation dynamics will give you new insights and will improve reproducibility in your experiments.
Cell Motility
Track your cell motility to assess the overall cell function, performance and chemotactic response. Identifying impact factors on cell motility is important in cancer, among other diseases, and immunology research.
Wound Healing
Automatic analyses of scratches not only save a lot of time, but also provide rich information on migration behavior, speed, spatial and temporal distribution.


Better data

Gain new insights from continuous data acquisition instead of relying on end point assays and profit from reproducible results by objective analysis. Benefit from real time data while your experiment is still running. You will never miss your call to action again.

Less work

Plug and play - no manual microscope settings needed. PHIOme takes over repetitive tasks such as data transfer, backup, analysis and visualization. All results readily available for quick download through your browser. Less work, more time to discuss your results.

Best for your cells

Non-invasive monitoring with our innovative lensfree Cellwatchers on the cellular level - inside any incubator. Benefit from reducing manual operations - more stable environment and reduced risk of contamination.

Save resources

Spend less on cells, compounds, consumables, and reduce personnel workload by minimizing biological and technical variances. Assure high and constant cell quality and reproducible starting conditions for your experiment to get significant results faster.

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